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Code of Conduct at Poynton Pottery

This is a outline of our policies and procedures and our expectations of everyone who is part of our community


This code of conduct applies to all students, technicians and tutors.


Our General Studio Conduct


Our tutors and technicians will do our best to teach you how to work safely in our studio and we endeavor to make sure the work environment is safe. We expect everyone to work thoughtfully within our studio and be aware of the risks of clay dust and potential risks if using our equipment. Each person in the studio is responsible for protecting themselves and reducing risks for those around them.


Discrimination on the basis of gender, age, nationality, race or sexual orientation is not acceptable.


Mutual respect and patience are always valued at Poynton Pottery.





 A clean studio is the responsibility of everyone. Always leave your work area clean and ensure tools are cleaned and returned to where they were found.


Liquid spills on the floor should be mopped up immediately.


No Poynton Pottery equipment or tools may be taken home or borrowed (unless agreed with a tutor).


Paper Parking permits are available for students to display in their car and kept for use during their course time.


Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of class.


We ask that all be mindful of noise levels.


You may not bring work in from home or bring work home to work on. Only work made in the building will be fired. Unless agreed with a tutor beforehand



Conduct in the Pottery Studio


Do not handle or touch anyone else’s pottery.


Do not dispose of any clay down a sink. 


Use named pegs to label work in progress


Clean work area before clay and glazes have a chance to dry out and become airborne hazards.


All should be aware of the risks and unpredictability of the ceramic process.


Do not dry sand or grind bisque or green ware in the building (this is a safety issue).


Poynton Pottery is not responsible for loss, theft or breakage.


Please make us aware of any health issues (mental or physical) that you may have so we can ensure you have the most positive experience from our courses as possible. This may impact on how we teach the course and allow us to to plan and adapt accordingly (where possible). This information will be dealt with sensitively.

Our 6 week courses have a limit of up to 6kg of buff clay or 4kg of white clay. If students use more that this during the 6 weeks there will be an additional charge.

Procedure if missing a class


Tuition is not refundable unless a class is cancelled.


If you give us one week (or more) notice then we will attempt to find you another session for you to catch up in. These sessions are not guaranteed. Catch ups must be organised within the 6 week block and won’t be carried over to future courses. If you know you will be absent please e-mail us and organise your catch ups directly with the tutor. It is the students responsibility to be proactive in organising catch up sessions.


If catching up a session you must have a plan of what you are doing in the session as our tutors teach different projects. Also if missing a class you may not be following the plans of our projects and so your outcomes maybe different.


If you are absent your space is not transferable to a non Poynton Pottery student.

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