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This course will be taught by local Ceramic Artist, Ilona Duffy. During this one and a half day course she will be teaching the group how to make an outdoor planter, exploring texture and using a range of metal oxides to decorate. 


This course is suitable for beginners however those with more experience are also very welcome.


Session 1

Saturday April 22nd



During this session you will use the press moulding technique to build your planter. You will explore applying texture and use our white stoneware clay which will make your planter suitable for use in the garden.


Session 2 

Saturday April 29th


After session one your planters will have been bisque fired. During this session you will use a range of metal oxides to highlight the texture on your planter and decorations


After session your planter and decorations will be fired to 1220C and be ready for collection 1-2weeks later.

Create a textured planter (22nd & 29th April)

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