These sessions are for people who have enough experience to work independently in the studio as there wont be a tutor available to ask questions to. We hope to create a community of makers who will share ideas, support one another and delvelop their own practice.

You need to have a sound knowledge of working with clay and glazes and be prepared to research independently if you have any questions. For anyone who is new to Poynton Pottery and books onto these sessions we will ask to provide a short statement and some images of you work so we are confident you will be able to work unsupported.

The sessions will provide 4kg of white clay and 6 kg of buff clay and enough glaze for the  amount of clay. If you make anything  additional to this there will be a charge by weight of the final item for clay, glaze and firing at £1 per 100grams.

We are limited to 3 wheels in the studio and so if you will require a wheel please email us so we can manage this.